Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today's post wherein I question the sanity of blogging

It has been quite a while since my last post. Sheesh...that kind of sounds like a confession doesn't it?

Frankly, I have contemplated whether to continue with blogging or not...something I'm sure most bloggers have done at one point or another. First, there is the realistic challenge of time between homeschooling three kids and keeping a house & garden. In walking away from blogging, I have noticed that I am more free to be in the moment & present. It's about all the things I can participate in instead of sitting in front of the computer composing.

Second, does anybody really care? I mean this in the most sincere way. Although I don't look at the blogs I read as narcissistic, I have often battled that feeling toward my own blog. Do I really add any value to the myriad of voices out there? Would it be any better if I chose one topic of personal interest and stuck to that, taking the focus off of myself (for example just vegan living, just gardening, or just homeschooling, etc. )?

I have no answers at the moment...just contemplations...and that's okay. :)