Friday, April 10, 2009

Catching Up With Fun From Last Week

A trip to Imagine Children's Museum In Everett:

Art class in town:

Playing with bubbles on a sunny day:

and planting pumpkin and sunflower seeds:


  1. Woohoo!
    How nice to have a children's museum with arts, too!
    Ours has a class-type thing, but we've never actually signed up for it. :/
    And yay-yay-yay for pumpkin and sunflower seeds!

  2. Hi Stephanie!
    The clay photos were actually taken at our local art studio where the kids take a weekly class for homeschoolers. They love it there!
    The seeds came free from the kids museum - gotta love that!

  3. Looks like such a fun day the kids had. I also homeschool. I love meeting other homeschooling moms.
    As I was reading some of your posts I saw you also have a Jack Russell. Arent they fun??!?!?!? LOL I love mine but...Last night mine did exactly what yours was thinking of doing. He took off and was out in the dark for over an hour. We live in the toolies on dirt roads and theres coyotes that come right up to our house. I keep telling him (Newman) that he will one day be a coyote taco. But he never listens. :) Sigh

  4. Nice to meet you, Mamaoftwins! Yes! I love JRTs! Ours is twelve years old and has mellowed quite a bit, but she still loves a good squirrel chasing or other outdoor adventure. Once she even followed a sea otter into Puget Sound's freezing cold water out about 150 feet before we were able to call her back into shore. I hope your lil' Newman listens to his mama - doesn't he know mama knows best?! :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    As for K12 we really like it. This will be our 3rd year using it. We go through Caliva which is California Virtual Academy.Everything is paid for by the state. They supply mostly everything. All books, most of the science project items as well as art supplies, paint, brushes, clay, sand, etc. They also supply a computer, printer, and pay for part of your internet service. What program are you all using and how do you like yours?

  6. Looks like a fabulous place. I have yet to plant my sunflower seeds. My friend in FL says hers is already 6' tall.

  7. Your welcome. We are required to take our state test too. I really dont like it either. Im pretty sure I can back out if I want but Caliva really frowns on it. Our teacher sent me the link to the answers from last years testing. Its on the states website. So I downloaded a few pages and went over it with the twins. They were hard questions!! I get really upset because one of my twins has a hard time with learning and has an IEP and he always tells me "Mom I did so good on the test" every year, then we get his results and their not so good. I try not to let him hear or see the results because he gets so deflated and down. Our teacher we're accountable too keeps telling him that she doesnt like this test either. Which makes him feel better. She tells him not to worry about this test, that she knows what he knows and hes doing great. Oops Im starting to write a novel. Better go. Have a great Easter :)