Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Nesting!

I flew the coop over at Vox (http://soytastic.vox.com/) in the hopes of connecting with other vegan, homeschooling, tea drinking, politically liberal, Catholic, oxymoron-loving, blogging moms.

What? ...That's not you?
Well, how about 5 out of 7?
How about 3 out of 7?
I bet that's a possibility.
And even if it's not, it is our differences that make life more interesting!

I have noticed some gorgeous blogs here (lots of great photography) and thought it would be fun to venture out of voxland where it is pretty difficult for non-voxers to comment on posts. I'll soon be transferring over some posts from Vox, but mostly starting anew and blogging on the topics I listed as well as anything else that enters my sometimes random mind.

Hope you enjoy my new nest!

Mrs. Soytastic Who Looks Forward to Tripping the Light Fantastic


  1. Of course I would follow your blog! Think you could get rid of some of us that easily?? Enjoy your new home. :)

  2. Ok, I'm 6 of the 7....that's pretty good! Can't wait to see more of your blog!

  3. Are there privacy controls here? I see the relative lack of ads, and I like that. I have a huge number of posts on VOX, and don't want to lose them, so I get nervous every once in a while, when VOX seems to be sort of adrift. What is your overall impression of this one?

  4. What about 2 out of 7!?!?!? Is that enough?!!? Don't shun me!!!

  5. Greenhouse - so happy to see you! Yay!Thanks for following me. :)

    Hey Mark - I am still checking out the new digs and there are privacy controls, but I *think* there aren't as many levels of privacy available as on Vox...that's my first impression. I saw an option where you can "monitize" your blog with ads, which I chose not to do. Overall, I am liking blogspot. I feel a little out of it though...not quite sure how it all works. Strange feeling after knowing the ins & outs of Vox so well.

    Steve - you silly - like I said, it is our differencs that make life more interesting. And "labels" or not, you and I just connect, my friend! So please, stop by and say hello often! :)

    Lisa - I love your blog. You are right, we have much in common!