Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mystery Trip

This weekend my hubby & I surprised our three kiddos with a mystery trip. They had no idea where we were going or what was planned, other than it was going to be fun, fun, fun!

As the date of the trip grew closer, they managed to get out us that we were headed to Oregon, but they still had no idea where.

Then the day before, they managed to get out of us that we would be staying in Portland.

After even more needling (three hours to be exact), we managed to keep the big surprise a secret until we got to our hotel. We finally revealed that we were going to the big Lego convention in town, BrickFest 2009. Knowing they were in a hotel with an indoor swimming pool and on-demand movies was huge enough, but a Lego convention? Kewl!(as all the kids say/write). And it was so much fun hearing our three year say he couldn't wait to go to the "Lego combention".

While in Portland we ate at two really great vegan/vegetarian restaurants, Vegetarian House and Old Wives' Tales Restaurant:
I've got to give them each a huge shout out. We will visit both again the next time we are in Portland - so yummy and both had excellent, friendly service.

Without further adieu, some photo highlights of our weekend:


  1. oh, that looks so fun. I love yummy vegetarian food and sometimes will actually crave tofu and certain veggies.

    Is that you in the photo with your son?? You look so good!! I love your haircut, really suit you. You son looks a lot like you, I think. Your kids are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like a great trip! I love the "secret weekend" idea -- we've had a lot of fun with that over the few years.

    Your hair looks great, too! :)

  3. Hi dongdong! Yes, C'est moi! Thank you for your compliment on the haircut. About 6 months ago I buzzed my hair down to 1/2 inch to get rid of the dark color from 2 years of using henna & indigo! That is my natural hair color and *finally* it has grown out enough to get my first styled haircut. I am toying with the idea of keeping it short because it is so easy, so I really appreciate your compliment! :)

    Hi Steve! So happy you are visiting me here. [this is good!] You are The King of Secret Weekends with The Beloved. I always enjoy reading about your trips. :)