Monday, March 30, 2009

Off To A Happy Start!

Today was the first day of homeschooling all three kiddos since pulling my daughter out of public school kindergarten. It couldn't have been more inspiring! The kids wrote in their journals, read poems, stories and books, played educational games together, visited some math websites and sorted and classified some of their favorite toys. It was all child led by their individual interest and it warmed my heart to see the three of them working so well together throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Everything about this decision feels so right. Part of me wishes, I had made this decision sooner, but the other part knows that things unfold as they do for a reason. Either way, I am just thankful for this day.

After such a focused morning and some lunch, we decided it was time for play and headed off to our favorite playground in the Madison neighborhood of Seattle. We enjoyed some hot cocoa and goodies at a local cafe and then it was off for some serious play!


  1. I'm glad you had such a fine first day!
    I love when the days are smooth because they're explored gently.
    'Course, I like the rowdier ones, too. :)

  2. oh, that is so wonderful to hear. What a great start! (this is dongdong from Adv. of J & Prime. Just logged in as my daughter as she was blogging.