Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Fun...and Doggy Safety

It is a beautiful, warm , sunny day in Seattle and I am headed off to a water spray park with the kids! Should be the perfect way to spend the day. As much as I'd like to bring my sweet lil' Jack Russell Terrier along since there is an off leash park nearby, I pause and think before doing so. Where would she be while the kids are at the spray park? If I leash her outside, she would just bark with all the excitement around her. Normally, on a cool day, she might hang out in the car...but NOT on a warm day like today as our favorite (?) American Idol judge wisely reminds us:

Well said, Simon. On days like today, it's best to keep our pups safe & cool inside the house.

And although we'll miss her during our adventures today, we'll be sure to make it up to her later with a nice evening walk and some good play/cuddle time too!

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